Two-Day Raven Cycle Webinar - Maggie Stiefvater
August 27, 2023

Two-Day Raven Cycle Webinar

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By popular demand, I’m offering my 8-hour Raven Cycle seminar in live, online format. This is the same content that Virginia and Colorado students are getting this fall, but split over two weekend sessions. 

(Note, the Virginia in-person event is sold out, but there are still some spaces in Denver: here.

A two-day webinar on the craft of writing, covering the skills and problem-solving I used while writing the Raven Cycle. The lecture will be broken five discreet sections, one for each book in the series plus a final Q&A at the end, each exploring all facets of fiction-writing through the lens of the series.

• THE RAVEN BOYS – Conceptualizing a project, magic rules, tone, building a cast.
• THE DREAM THIEVES – Unreliable narrators, episodic writing, side characters, antagonists, stakes.
• BLUE LILY, LILY BLUE – Love & romance, exposition, setting, brands of fantasy.
• THE RAVEN KING – Dialog, maintaining character, villains, plot shapes, beginnings and endings.
• Q&A

January 20-21 2024, from 12 pm-4pm EST.

This seminar is led by me, Maggie Stiefvater, the author of the Raven Cycle, the Scorpio Races, the Shiver series, and more. I’ve taught this class virtually over five weeks and I’m looking forward to doing a compressed, distilled version of it.

$140/ per person. Register here.

This event will be recorded and available to rewatch for 24 hours only (to allow for all time zones); questions can only be asked in live time, of course. I ask that there be no sharing or summarizing of the content outside of the seminar so that discussion can be unfettered (please don’t be a jerk, basically).