Things You Should Know About Stiefvater - Maggie Stiefvater
September 16, 2015

Things You Should Know About Stiefvater

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Here are some things that you should know about me.

1. I write novels. They have magic in them. My posts on writing are here.

2. I write music. It has harp and bagpipes in it. Yes, I was a competitive bagpiper in college. Yes, that’s funny. Yes, you’re allowed to laugh. I will laugh with you.

3. I create art. You can sometimes find my originals here and can always find prints and t-shirts here.

4. I really love cars, especially my Mitsubishi Evo and my ’73 Camaro. I have written for some car magazines, like Road & Track and Jalopnik.

5. I am many places on social media. Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. My serious website. I also appear in real life, sometimes.

6. There is swearing on some of my social media. Teachers, the website is a safe space for middle schoolers. Also, teachers, know that I’m absurdly busy: please don’t assign students letters to me where a reply is required for a good grade!

7. On all of my social media, I have a 1 strike, you’re out policy. If you come to me online in a combative way, I’m muting or blocking you, whichever takes me less time. This also goes for repetitive question asking, no matter how mundane or glorious the question. There’s one of me and a lot of the internet, and this is how I maintain my online sanity, such as it is.

8. I generally try to be a decent person on the internet. Approach life with a semblance of humor, try not to stomp on a whole lot of toes, share a bit of myself with the world. Sometimes I fail to be tactful or harmless, and I try to own up to it when I do. That said, my sense of humor and my range of interests are very specific. If you don’t like something about my social media, please unfollow. I’m judicious about who I follow and I hope you are too.

9. I have a FAQ here that might cover anything I missed.

10. Drink more water. We should all try to drink more water.