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August 10, 2020

Signed Books, Swag & More

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I’m delighted to announce that I’m partnering with One More Page Books for signed books (and personalized books. And more. Read on). They’re an independent store located in Arlington, Virginia, but they ship internationally.

First, a link for where to browse available books.

Second, the details:

Readers will be able to order any of my existing titles year-round with signatures. And if you pre-order one of my books from them, it can be personalized, and every book you order along with that bundle can be personalized too.*

*(this is just because I have to make a special journey to the store to personalize in time for prompt shipping, since I don’t live at the store)**

**(but imagine I DID live at a bookstore)

Devoted readers will know that the pre-order campaigns have other fun stuff associated with them too. I try to make sure every book pre-ordered from my partner indie comes with something exclusive and cool. In the past this has been exclusive bookplates with my art on it, or doodled-in copies, or dust jackets.

Call Down the Hawk bookplate
Sinner bookplate
All the Crooked Saints bookplate
Opal tarot card

I’ll be continuing this tradition at One More Page, and I have three upcoming releases with two different pre-order goodies.

10/8/20: The Scorpio Sea Tarot. I drew the art in this deck to explore the visual world of The Scorpio Races (although the deck stands alone and, like my Raven’s Prophecy deck, works as a tarot deck in its own right), and Melissa Cynova wrote the accompanying guidebook. Pre-orders from One More Page will come with a special bonus tarot card that I’ll be revealing in the next few weeks.

10/13/20: Swamp Thing: Twin Branches. This is my first graphic novel, a reimagining of Swamp Thing’s origin story. Swamp Thing/ Alec Holland as a Stiefvater-y awkward twin teen boy with a passion for science, an affinity for plants, and an inability to cope with normal society. Morgan Beem illustrates. It will come with a signed bookplate with exclusive art by Morgan, also being revealed soon.

I know that readers are also excited for the second book in the Dreamer Trilogy (5/18/2021) and there will be a Super Cool Exclusive for that one, which I’ll be able to show you in a couple months or so.

I’m so glad to be able to work with an indie again to get signed books to folks***, especially in a time when it seems like in-person events are probably going to be on-hold for quite awhile. Shoot any book-ordering questions you have to the folks at One More Page and happy reading!

***I really appreciate all the work Fountain Bookstore put into my books and readers over the past several years but this year made the agonizing decision to shift indie partners in order to help all readers get their books in a timely and predictable manner.