Mister Impossible Virtual Events - Maggie Stiefvater
May 10, 2021

Mister Impossible Virtual Events

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It’s just one week until Mister Impossible’s U.S. release! If you’re still looking for signed or signed/personalized copies, or signed international copies, you can find details of that here.

COVID’s still disrupting in-person touring, of course, but the upside is that virtual events are accessible all over the globe. Here are the ones planned for Mister Impossible so far:

5/18: U.S. launch event, in conversation with TRC/ Dreamer Trilogy’s editor and author David Levithan. This ticketed event is hosted by Barnes & Noble, and the price of the ticket comes with a signed copy (unfortunately I don’t believe there’s an option to just buy a ticket if you’ve bought the book elsewhere).

5/19: Reddit AMA hosted by r/Fantasy. I’ll post the direct link on my social media the day of, and will be answering questions there all day long.

5/22: UK launch event with author Peader Ó’Guilín, hosted by 7 Stories. expect us to discuss retooling fairy lore and absolute nonsense. This is a ticketed event, available to all. Ticket price supports 7 Stories, and does not include a book, but you can order a book with a signed bookplate separately from them as well (within the uK).

6/9: Edelweiss Book Festival. Details to come.