Mister Impossible Pre-Order Swag/ Special Editions - Maggie Stiefvater
March 6, 2021

Mister Impossible Pre-Order Swag/ Special Editions

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Man, we’re getting close now — just a little over 10 weeks until release day for Mister Impossible. Once again, Scholastic has worked with Owlcrate and & indie bookstores to create a special edition and swag, and I’ve done my best to reach out to make some less postage-heavy options available to international readers.

Here’s the details of all the pre-order options/ special editions.



Owlcrate, a subscription box service, is once again offering an exclusive signed hardcover edition. They come with an exclusive reversible cover—on the inside is a piece of art I did just for them. You can find that link here.

(note: previously they had Call Down the Hawk in a box full of other swag, but this is JUST the book).


Participating independent U.S. bookstores will have an indie-exclusive art print I did for them . . . which just happens to fit perfectly around the U.S. hardcover. Every pre-ordered copy from One More Page will come with one (more below).


This is the Virginia bookshop I partner with for signed copies of all my books, not just this one. Copies of Mister Impossible pre-ordered from One More Page will come with the Indie art print, a signed Jordan Hennessy bookplate, and the book itself signed. They are also the ONLY option for personalized books. They ship worldwide. Info on that here.


I’m partnering with three international shops; their pre-orders come with a signed Jordan Hennessy bookplate. They’ll also have some of the other backlist bookplates, especially Australia, who missed out on a few pre-order swag campaigns over the years.

UK: Seven Stories (paperback)

Australia: Galaxy Bookshop (paperback)

Canada: Mabel’s Fables (hardcover)

I’ve also been asked if there will be any doodled editions this year, as I’ve been reducing the number of those every year to spare my flimsy wrists. Unfortunately, I have to call it quits on mass-producing those, but there are a few of them available with the collectors’ subscription option for my Maggie-zine I’m doing this year.

I always manage to forget something with these posts but hopefully this answers most questions. Thank you, guys, for supporting me and these cool indie stores with your pre-orders. I think Mister Impossible is a wild, slightly unhinged ride through the middle of the trilogy and I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it.