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March 1, 2020

Graphic Novel, Tarot Deck, And Seminar News

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I’m delighted to announce my first ever graphic novel — I’ve partnered up with illustrator Morgan Beem and DC Comics to write a new version of Swamp Thing. Teens, nature, and identity crises? Sounds exactly like a job for Stiefvater.

It comes out on October 13, 2020. You can read more about it at Hypable.  

Or you can just pre-order it from wherever books are sold!

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Summer writing seminar coming to the Washington, D.C. area!

This June, I’ll be putting on a single writing seminar. Like my ’19 seminars, it’ll be an intense five hours – four hours of lecture, one hour of questions. But this will be all-new content on prose, metaphor, and revision. I’m excited! I love doing these seminars and it’s awesome to be able to do one a little closer to home.

Tickets are limited by the venue size, and the last several seminars sold out, so please grab your ticket early to avoid disappointment! Tickets are available here

Also coming this fall is the Scorpio Sea Tarot Deck.

It’s another collaboration — my art, roughly based on the imagery of The Scorpio Races (although you don’t need to have read the novel to use the deck) and text by the deliciously creepily accurate psychic Melissa Cynova (the psychic I send folks to when I want to convince them there’s More in the world).

It’s coming out October 8th and will be available everywhere tarot decks are sold (most bookshops will stock it or be able to order it). 

“To write about magic, it helps if you write like an angel — like, in fact, Maggie Stiefvater, who conjures up an America where dreams really do come true and awful consequences play out with pin-sharp clarity.” – The Daily Mail

Don’t forget to check out Call Down the Hawk,the first book in the Dreamer Trilogy, which came out November.

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Here’s some things folks said about it:

“This cast of characters, each with their own palpable desires, orbit one another until their paths come crashing together. Mysterious magic and secrets abound. The exquisitely painted characters and artful prose propel the plot, which is filled with satisfying twists and turns. Despite the scope, the narrative stays focused, drawing to a dramatic conclusion. While most rewarding to readers of the original series…the novel is accessible to new readers, too….Exceptional.”

Kirkus Reviews, starred review

“…this new series, somewhat astonishingly for a story this layered, exists independently of its predecessor. It’s a different beast entirely, one that circles the complexities of family and the joys and terrors of creating. For all that is new, however, Ronan remains the same; a lodestar that old readers will be happy to return to and new ones glad (if nervous) to discover.”

Booklist, starred review

“Stiefvater delivers a stunningly imaginative tale that is by turns dark, funny, tragic, romantic, and surreal. Exquisitely drawn characters and witty, graceful prose complement the artfully crafted plot, which thrills while examining issues of individuality and mortality. Stiefvater delivers a dazzling fantasy, at once epic and intricate, from which readers will be loath to wake.”

 Publishers Weekly, starred review

And finally, if you’re an independent bookstore who carries my books, please drop me an email at and I’ll send you a pile of signed bookplates to put into your stock! Readers, if you would like one, ask your local indie to get in touch with me!