From Rough to Final, Continued - Maggie Stiefvater
March 1, 2012

From Rough to Final, Continued

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You might recall that ten authors helpfully showed off their process from rough draft to final earlier this year. I am pleased to report that I have twp others to add — Gayle Forman, author of IF I STAY and WHERE SHE WENT, dissected a chapter of the latter. It felt rather familiar to me, because she talks about how changing a character’s motivations and mood can entirely change the tone of a chapter, even if the events stay mostly the same. That was something I found out a lot when I was editing FOREVER. Anyway, you can read the entire blog post here:

And Melissa Marr also shared two blog posts she’d done in a very similar way. Stunningly, they are HANDWRITTEN.

And the original post with the other ten authors:

And the original original post where I dissect a short chapter of THE SCORPIO RACES

Speaking of other blasts from the past, I was asked today on Twitter how I found my writing critique partners. I was also asked by someone else if I’d be doing another Critique Partner Love Connection this year. I think I will do that posthaste. Hold on for that.