Creators: Create - Maggie Stiefvater - NYT Best Selling Author
March 16, 2020

Creators: Create

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Here’s my actual social distancing plan this week: write.

I know it’s hard to write when things feel wrong, but remember: things have always been wrong. Even after this is over, things will still be going wrong. Maybe not for you, but somewhere.

The world is always going wrong and going right at the same time. Somewhere, someone is actually having their best day ever today. Somewhere, someone is dying.

The hugeness of our world means it is always the apocalypse and the first day of everything at the same time.

It’s impossible.

It happens every day.

Creators: you have to learn to live with this. You have to find center. Not every day. But you have to find center often enough to still create.

It’s who you are.

It can be hard to feel creative urgency or purpose when you’re looking for center, so if you want, you can comment here with what you’re hoping to get done this week, and you can check back in on Friday to let me know if you did it.

It can be word count, scene count, edit for emotional or pacing, however you measure your progress.

Remember at the end of the day what makes you feel right, even when the world is wrong: making stuff.

Happy creating.