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Things You Should Know About Stiefvater

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Several other authors I respect have cleverly pinned an all-purpose about-me social-media policy on the top of their Twitter. This, I feel, is a grand idea. This post is my crash course to me online.

If you’re reading this link, you’re either a subscriber to my blog (sorry; you know all of these things already) or you’re clicking on the link on my Twitter feed. Here are some things that you should know about me.

1. I write novels. They have magic in them. My posts on writing are here.

2. I write music. It has harp and bagpipes in it.

3. I create art. I use Prismacolor pencils for most of it. Works in progress are generally here.

4. I really love cars, especially my Mitsubishi Evo and my ’73 Camaro. I talk about them a lot on social media. If you don’t like hearing about me breaking down by the side of the road or performing engine swaps, consider this fair warning.

5. I am many places on social media. Twitter. Tumblr. Instagram. Facebook. Youtube. My serious website. I also appear in real life, sometimes. I post slightly different content on each one depending on if I’m on the road or what I’m posting.

6. There is swearing on some of my social media. Teachers, the website is a safe space for middle school, as is the Instagram. Twitter has mild swearing and Tumblr has the mostest.

7. On all of my social media, I now have a 1 strike, you’re out policy. If you come to me online in a combative way, I’m muting or blocking you, whichever takes me less time. There’s one of me and a lot of the internet, and this is how I maintain my online sanity, such as it is. Debating in person is one thing — on the internet . . . I find it unproductive. This also goes for repetitive question asking, no matter how mundane or glorious the question. If you send me multiple duplicates of a message in a way that’s clearly not accidental, I mute or block. It’s strange enough trying to navigate social media when there is one of me and tens of thousands of readers; conflict in 140 characters or repetition across my dashboards makes it impossible.

8. I generally try to be a decent person on the internet. Approach life with a semblance of humor, try not to stomp on a whole lot of toes, share a bit of myself with the world. Sometimes I fail to be tactful or harmless, and I try to own up to it when I do. That said, my sense of humor and my range of interests are very specific. If you don’t like something about my social media, please unfollow. I’m judicious about who I follow and I hope you are too.

9. I have a FAQ here that has info on author visits and such. I, uh, probably need to update some of the questions.

10. Drink more water. We should all try to drink more water.

Maggie Stiefvater
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Professional novelist by day and artist by night. I live an eccentric life in the middle of nowhere, Virginia with my charmingly straight-laced husband, two kids, and neurotic dogs. I’m the author of the Books of Faerie (LAMENT and BALLAD); the bestselling SHIVER trilogy (SHIVER, LINGER, FOREVER), and THE SCORPIO RACES.

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