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Rah! First Copy

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Earlier this week, I flew to St. Louis and then drove out to the Scholastic warehouse in Jefferson City to pre-sign 4,000 copies of the All the Crooked Saints for various bookstores who have ordered displays of signed copies.

If that seems like a lot of books to sign . . . it was. Thanks to several dedicated staffers, I was able to sign at a good clip — the best hour was 720 books — and I’m happy to report my signature looked the same at the beginning and end of the day. It reminded me of a time in the distant past when I signed in a European warehouse and they told me that the daily signing record was held by Al Gore. Of course it is, I thought, he’s only got six letters in his entire name.

This was the first time I got to see the finished copy, but I didn’t really have time to appreciate it. I walked in the door, started signing, shook out my hand, and drove off in time to see Meramac Caverns with my Scholastic adventure-partner for the trip, Devin.

(We look a little alike, right?)


(guess the author)

(also, caves)


Anyway, the point being that the book didn’t really feel real until I arrived home and discovered my author copies waiting for me. Then I could really hold it in my hands and place it on my shelf next to my other books and think: you did it, you pulled it off again, another novel. Every time feels like a magic trick.

So here it is again, my strange little fable of a novel. Over, under, first and last:


I’ll be touring this fall when it comes out, but if you want to be sure of a signed copy, you can always order from Fountain Bookstore.

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