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On Twitter and Facebook, I promised to answer a writing question before I left for Australia today, and asked what that question should be.  So many of the questions that came in were ones that I'd already tackled that I realized what I needed to do was not answer another question, but organize the stuff I'd already blogged about. When I started to organize the blog posts, I realized . . . I talk about writing a lot.


How to Write a Novel

Seven Steps to Starting a Novel

Novels, on Starting Them

How I Prep for Writing a Novel

How Many Words/ Pages Should my Book Be? also Making your book longer than 30 pages

Staying Focused on One Project

Rough drafting

Writer's Block

On treating readers badly


Knowing Your Characters

Purposeful Characterization

Why Normal People Can't Be Characters

On Stylizing Characters

On Harming Characters


Revision, Part 1

Revision, Part 2

Revision, Part 3

Questions on Revision

Revising for Mood

Death to Line Editing

Finding a critique partner


Courageous Querying

10 Rules for Query Letters


Being a writer, but also being something else

Books that feed me

Reading as inspiration

On Writerly Confidence:

On Writerly Angst

More on being a writer


Writing for your audience

My early terrible writing

Miscellaneous Writing Questions

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