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This weekend, Lover and I and family of I all threw our backs out moving the rest of our stuff into the new House of Stiefvater. And as my brain is as liquified as my arms, I am going to merely post photos of my new office instead of actual content. The office, of course, is the first place in the house to look like a Real Place, followed by the kitchen, followed by . . . everything else. I have my priorities.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, and oh. On Monday, I think I will be able to show you the trailer I did for The Raven Boys, and ALSO start a contest for several advanced review copies for those of you who cannot come up to NYC and BookExpo to score one. This is exciting and nerve-wracking. Of course, my brain is still somewhat jellified from the move, so the exciting/ wracking-of-nerves is slightly muted as if from far away. More details on all that later. Until then . . .

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much of the fiction! (and some nonfiction overflow)(and my to-be-read shelf near the bottom)(except for the TBR shelf, nothing stays unless there’s a chance of it being re-read)

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