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Maggie Gets Younger

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You guys probably all know that I have two children, Thing 1 & Thing 2 —they’re seven and eight at the moment, but I’m guessing that will change. Anyway, the Things are quite enthusiastic about me being a writer. They follow all book conversations between Lover and I with interest. They know all of the characters’ names and the rough plot lines.

Of course, they’re not allowed to read any of them until they’re, like, 30.

I have a nephew around that age as well, and he always begs for copies of my books. He has all of them! . . . in Lithuanian. And Italian. And Japanese. He can have English copies of them when he’s, like, 30.

So, I’d been contemplating writing a middle grade book for them, but timing was never right, and the idea of trying to write a book without gore, swearing, or extreme nookie just seemed daunting. So when Scholastic asked me if I’d like to be part of a new middle grade project, I consulted the Things, and cheerfully said YES.

Here are the details (full story at Publishers Weekly):

Basically, it’s a multi-platform series like 39 Clues and The Infinity Ring. We write the stories; a computer game springs up in response to those stories, and off we go. It’s for ages 8-12, so rather younger than my usual audience, but I reckon folks will definitely be able to see the Maggieness in mine. As I wrote the outline for it, I realized that I can’t really turn off the Maggieness even if I wanted to. I did at least remove the swearing, gore, and extreme nookie aspects.

Things 1 & 2 are so pleased.

Anyway, have a logo.

P.S. I know people will ask. I’m still working on the third faerie book. I am doing serious edits as I wasn’t completely happy with my previous draft. Scholastic drums their fingers mildly. It is all me, the hold up. I’m sorry. Spring 2014 looks like the date for it at the moment.

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