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Maggie Continues to Doodle in Books

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Hallo, humans! As you might have heard, I have written my first ever novel devoid of swearing and maiming and kissyface — in the form of the second installment of Spirit Animals, a multi-author, multi-platform series for middle grade readers. I sort of feel like double underlining all of the aspects of that sentence. YES it is for middle graders — ages 8-12. YES it is multi-author (Brandon Mull wrote the first one, that came out in September). YES it is multi-platform, because Scholastic’s designed a web-game to go with it. My children are 8 & 9, so I have been wanting to write something that they can read for awhile. When Scholastic invited me to come and muck about in this world they’d already created, I thought “YES and I’M ADDING HIGHLAND COWS.”

Hunted cover

Anyway, because it was the second book in a multi-author series, it hadn’t occurred to me that folks might want doodled-in, pre-ordered versions available as with the rest of my stuff. But I’ve now gotten enough requests for it that I’ve paired up with Fountain Bookstore once more to offer doodled-in editions. The routine is the same as always: all copies pre-ordered from Fountain before the release date of January 7th will come with a signature and a doodle. They ship all over the place (they shipped out 700 pre-ordered copies of The Dream Thieves).

Anyway, here is the doodle:

sketch for Spirit Animals
And here is the link to autographed copies (Fountain always carries signed books from me, year-round — the doodle is the only thing that is time-sensitive/ specific to pre-orders).

I look forward to TAKING YOUR CHILDREN.

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