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CALL DOWN THE HAWK special editions

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It’s less than 50 days until CALL DOWN THE HAWK hits the shelves on November 5th (I can’t believe it, it seems like not that long ago I pulled over by the side of the interstate with the idea). My loyal readers will know that I always work with Fountain Bookstore for signed editions with bookplates, but this year, my publisher Scholastic has gone all out and done a ton of interesting exclusive editions.

I’m going to collect the ones I was part of here — not to try to lure you to buy 6 or 12 copies of the book, but so you can decide which one is right. I’m sorry I didn’t have the greenlight to share all of the pieces here until now, but hopefully better late than never.

Ok, here we go:


SOLD OUT. Fountain Bookstore is the indie bookstore that I work with each year on pre-orders. They ship worldwide and they always carry signed copies of all my books. Doodled-in copies were capped at 1,000 to save my hand this year, and they sold out the day they were announced. But Fountain Bookstore still has #2 on this list:

2. FOUNTAIN BOOKSTORE/ Bookplate & Personalization

Hennessy bookplate art

Available in every copy ordered before November 5. Every copy of HAWK ordered from Fountain before the release date will come with a signed bookplate of my art (in this case, of Hennessy, a new character from the book). They also have the option of personalization, the only place on this list that does, which is notable mostly because I won’t be going on tour for HAWK this year due to continued health issues. So if you want a name in the book, Fountain’s the place for you.

ETA: 11/13/19 Please note: I am no longer working with Fountain Bookstore for signed copies!

3. MABEL’S FABLES/ Bookplates for Canadians

Available in every copy ordered before November 5. Want the bookplate without paying international shipping? Mabel’s is a beautiful little Canadian indie who will have copies with the Hennessy bookplate, like Fountain Bookstore . . . but without the international shipping, if you’re a Canadian reader. This will be a hardcover with the black/ gold U.S. cover.

4. SEVEN STORIES/ Bookplates for UK/ Europe

UK edition (paperback)

Available in every copy ordered before November 5. Seven Stories, a UK store, will also offer the signed bookplate. PLEASE NOTE: The UK edition is paperback, has a different cover, and has text converted to British English.


Full page art in art edition

Available in VERY limited quantities at select participating stores (list of every participating store I know of so far at the bottom of the post; stores, let me know if I missed you). This special edition features a full page of my art when you open it up.


art on the inside of the Owlcrate edition’s cover

Available in limited quantity direct from Owlcrate. Along with several other book related goodies, the Owlcrate edition has an alternate cover with my art on the inside of the cover.


Very limited supplies. Canadian bookstore Indigo is offering a box with a print of my art (some of you might recognize this as the Indie Bookstore art previously only available in the U.S.), and tea to accompany.

8. SQUARE BOOKS/ Signed Copy

Limited supplies. Square Books is offering a signed copy of the book and a tote from Scholastic, with no extra charge.

9. BARNES & NOBLE/ Exclusive Bookmark

While supplies last. Barnes & Noble will have bookmarks featuring my art.

Ok, phew, that’s the long list of the various places to find all the special editions of Call Down the Hawk I was involved in. There are, of course, the audio editions (read by Will Patton) and e-book editions from Kindle & Kobo & Google Play. And several other places are doing boxes, I believe, but I wasn’t a part of those. Am I forgetting something? Oh, right, the list of participating bookstores for the Ronan art edition. Here that is (please call the store to confirm both availability and location, this is all the info I have):

AC Vroman, An Unlikely Story, Anderson Bookshop, Avid Bookshop, B&R books, Barrington Books, Battenkill Books, Bay CO Books, Belmont Books, Best of Books, Blue Willow Bookshop, A Book for All Seasons, Book Passage, Book Seller, Book Stall, Book Table, Bookie’s, Bookpeople, Books & Books, Books-a-Million, Books of Wonder, Bookworm of Edwards, Boswell Book Company, Boulder Book Store, Brain Lair, Brick & Morter Books, Brilliant Books, Brookline Booksmith, Browseabout Shops, Carmichael Bookstore, Changing Hands, Chaucer’s Bookstore, Childrens’ Place Bookstore, Classic Bookshop, Crimson Books, Curious Iguana, Devaney Doak & Garret Bookseller, Doylestown Bookshop, E Shaver Bookseller, Eagle Harbor Book Company, Flintridge Bookstore, Flyleaf Books, Gibsons Book Store, Gramercy Books, Half Price Books, Harvard Bookstores, Hicklebees Children Bookstore, Jabberwocky Bookshop & Cafe, Jay & Mary’s Book Center, Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Keplers, King’s English, Kinokuniya, Klindts Booksellers, Learned Owl Book Shop, Left Bank Books, Lemuria Bookstore, Liberty Bay Books, Libris, Linden Tree, Magers & Quinn Booksellers, Main Street Books, Malaprop’s Bookstore, Maria’s Bookshop, McLean & Eakin, Moon Palace Books, Moondance, Mysterious Galary, Mystic Books, Northshire Bookstore, Novel, A Novel Idea, Novel Neighbor, Oblong Books & Music, Octavia books, Off the Beaten Path, Once Upon a Time, One More Page, Page 158 Books, Parnassus, Porter Square Books, Powells Books, Printed Garden, RJ Julia, Rainy Day Books, Rediscovered Bookshop, Schuler Books & Music, Scrawl Books, Sequel Books, Square Books, Story in Me, Talking Leaves, Tattered Cover, Third Place Books, Third Street Books, Toadstool Bookshop, Towne Book Center & Cafe, Towne Center Books, Unabridged Books, University Book Store, Village Books, Vintage Books, Watermark Books, Waucoma Bookstore, Wellesley Books, White Birch Booksellers, Wordmatter Retail, Writer’s Block Bookstore

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