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Call Down the Hawk playlist

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Readers asked me to do a chapter-by-chapter playlist for Call Down the Hawk like I’ve done for the other books in the past, listing the songs I listened to while writing those chapters, so here it is, with some caveats.

a) My actual Hawk playlist is 293 songs long

b) I actually listened to some songs for multiple chapters or had some songs that I used only for brainstorming, not while actually writing (i.e., a Jordan playlist, a Declan playlist, a Ronan playlist)

c) This playlist breaks playlist rules because it uses the same artist more than once, which is VERY GAUCHE I KNOW but honestly I don’t want to tell you how many Matt Maeson songs are on my Declan playlist, I’m sorry, this is actually edited. 

d) if I used more than one song that I can remember specifically for a chapter, I listed it (this happened often in chapters that change moods halfway through)

e) it’s super long, I’m sorry, there’s so many chapters

f) man, does anyone really want this

(a devoted and kindly reader has adapted a version of this playlist on Spotify, missing some of the tunes or with different remixes: link here.)

Prologue: “The Born King” – King Arthur/ Daniel Pemberton 

1: “Main Title” – Patriot Games/ James Horner 

2: “Ooh Aah (My Life Be Like) feat tobyMac – Grits 

3. “An Raibh Tú Ag An GCarraig?” – Niamh Ní Charra 

4. “Wonka Bar” – Charley Marley 

5. “Loverboy” – Mattis “Harmony Hall” – Vampire Weekend 

“Stoned on You” – Jaymes Young 

6. “Canzonetta Sull’Aria” – Rebecca Newman 

7. “Wake Up” – Sam Hulick 

8. “X Gon’ Give It to Ya” – DMX 

“Creature Comfort” – Arcade Fire 

9. “C.U.R.E.” – BOOTS 

“Not About You (jayteehazard Remix)” – Haiku Hands 

“Sombra de la Muere” – Soldado “MTBD” – 2NE1 

10. “You’re Somebody Else” – flora cash 

“Cringe (Stripped)” – Matt Maeson 

11. “So Down” – Mother Mother 

“Blackout Days” – Phantogram 

“Mhorag’s Na Horo Gheallaidh” – Clannad 

“Sans Soleil” – Miike Snow 

12. “Beelzebub” – Black Pistol Fire 

13. “Masterpiece (Vargas & Lagola Remix)” – NONONO 

“Flavaz (feat. Nitty Scott & Scott Nice) – The Polish Ambassador 

14. “Les Contes d’Hoffman, Act 4 Barcarolle: Belle Nuit, Ô Nuit d’amour” – Jacques Offenbach/ Hei-Kyung Hong et al. 

15. “You Don’t Get Me High Anymore” – Wakey!Wakey!

 “Pep Talk” – Judah & the Lion 

16. “Glow” – Tula 

17. “Ag Bruach Dhun Reimhe” – Eithne Ní Uallacháin 

“Malamente” – ROSALÍA 

“Shell Game” – Glass Candy/ Lost River 

18. “Die Zauberflote: Der Holle Rache” – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart/ Capella Istropolitana 

19. “Grave Digger” – Matt Maeson “Fly Low” – Elle Vee 

“Hellfire” – Barns Courtney 

20. “Corinto” – Bomba Estéreo 

“Portrait I” – The Howl & the Hum 

21. “UruR” – Wardruna 

22. “Rigoletto: Act I ‘Che Gelida Manina’“ – Giuseppe Verdi 

23. “Hidden Lakes” – Shearwater 

24. “Happy if You’re Happy” – Matt & Kim 

“Karma the Knife” – Angelica Garcia 

25. “Peer Gynt, Op. 23: N0. 13, Solveig’s Song” – Edvard Grieg 

26. “midas heel” – deadmau5 

“Technique – Deutsch Version” – MAI LAN 

27. “Le Carnaval des Animaux: VII. Aquarium” – Saint-Saëns/ Charles Dutoit et al 

28. “Dirt House” – The Album Leaf 

29. “Let You Down (feat. Findlay) [Yeuz Remiz]” – Joris Delacroix & Montmartre 

30. “Broken Machine” – Nothing But Thieves 

“Loud Magic”- Foreign Magic 

31. “Miserere II in C Minor” – Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford 

 “What the Fuck” – The Boxer Rebellion 

32. “Friction” – Imagine Dragons 

33. “Gods & Monsters (Mokadem Remix)” – Lana Del Rey 

“The Strayaway Child” – Matt Molloy et al 

34. “Get You Alone” – Sleeping Wolf 

“I Want to Know” – KONGOS 

35. “An der schönen blauen Donau” – Johann Strauss II 

36. “Hi-Lo (Hollow)” – Bishop Briggs 

“Ghost” – Neon Hitch 

37. “I Am the Antichrist to You” – Kishi Bashi 

“Words” – LANNDS 

38. “What Fills the Gap (feat. Alan Watts)” – Will Cady 

“Mingulay Boat Song’ – Codasinging 

39. “Looking for Love (Lulu Rouge Remix)” – Shanghai

“The Rain” – Reuben and the Dark 

40. “Short Skirt/Long Jacket” – Cake 

41. “Goodbye John Smith” – Barns Courtney 

“Exile” – Enya 

42. “The Formula (feat. Sol) – Amp Live 

“Quiet (Stripped)” – MILCK 

43. “Sunset Land (with Seán Óg Graham)” – John McSherry 

44. “Splitting in Two” – Mating Ritual 

45. “Club Foot” – Kasabian, Botchit & Scarper Sampler 07 

46. “I Don’t Want Love” – The Antlers 

47. “Three Sisters (feat. Tatyana Kalmykova) – Beats Antique 

48. “I See I Say” – Ebony Bones! 

49. “The 4 Seasons (Summer) lii. Presto” – Antonio Vivaldi 

50. “Cloud City” – Headphone Activist 

“Angel” – Massive Attack 

51. “Phenomenal” – Rationale 

52. “Blindfold” – Charlie Cunningham 

53. “Quixote (I am Alone, And They Are Everyone)” – Crywolf 

54. “Swan Lake Suite, Op. 20” – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky 

55. “Vølvens Spådom” – Myrkur 

56. “Just a Game” – Cathedral 

57. “What Lies Unseen” – Marcin Przybylowicz/ The Witcher 3 

58. “Sadness” – Bruno Coulais, Song of the Sea 

“Lonesome (Toothless Remix)” – Sivu 

59. “Team” – Iggy Azalea 

“Afraid” – No Wyld 

“Enlighten Me” – Grouplove 

60. “For You” – Rae Morris 

61. “Cornfield Chase” – Hans Zimmer/ Interstellar

62. “The Gold (Acoustic)” – Manchester Orchestra 

63. “The Game Has Changed” – Daft Punk 

64. “No More (feat Moontricks)” – Dirtwire 

“Brains” – The Servant 

65. “First Encounter” – Jóhann Jóhannsson 

66. “Canzonetta Sull’Aria” – Rebecca Newman (yes, I know I used this one before) 

67/ 68. “Helix” – Ben Chatwin 

69: “Haunted Heart” – Wild 

70. “Rogues of the Low River Co” – Andrew Lockington 

71. “Footprints” – Jeff Grace 

“The Lady in the Lake” – Daniel Pemberton 

“Stomp” – Boomkat 

72. “Wake Up” – Sam Hulick (YES I KNOW I USED IT BEFORE) 

73. “The Born King” – Daniel Pemberton 

74. “Something is Wrong” – Lisa Hannigan 

75/ 76. “Utopia” – Cristobel Tapia De Veer 

77. “Nomads” – Joe Banfi 

78. “Ya Amar” – Mees Salomé 

79. “Darkness Visible” – Mumford & Sons

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