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OK! Here are all the details of CALL DOWN THE HAWK as of now, February!

• It will release in hardcover in the US on November 5, 2019.

• It is the first book in a standalone trilogy set in the world of the Raven Cycle. It follows the events of The Raven King and follows the adventures of the Lynch family. You don’t have to have read the Raven Cycle for it to make sense, though I tend to think the world is a better place if you have read TRC anyway, preferably in hardcover ordered from your local independent book merchant.

• here is a sentence from the book:

• There is a 99 cent story called “Opal” that takes place between TRC and this book if you want to read it in between now and November.

• There is a free Declan Lynch story that takes place before TRC if you want to read it between now and November.

• Here’s a Pinterest mood board for the book. You can also see music I listened to while writing it and other images/answers on my #dreamertrilogy tag on Tumblr.

• I don’t yet have info on foreign or audiobook editions.

• I don’t have any info on ARCs or samplers or tour stuff. If you’re a blogger or journo, all those questions should be directed toward whoever you normally talk to at Scholastic.


US/ international readers: I draw a piece of art/ create an exclusive bookplate for every release, and a signed bookplate will come with every copy of CALL DOWN THE HAWK pre-ordered from Fountain Bookstore. The books themselves will also be signed. They ship internationally, but it can be quite expensive.

UK readers: I’m working with Seven Stories again, and every copy pre-ordered from them will come with the signed bookplate. The books themselves won’t be signed and will be the UK softcover edition. LINK IS HERE

Canadian readers: I’m working with Mabel’s Fables again, and every copy pre-ordered from them will come with the signed bookplate

Australians, if you have an indie you’d like to carry the bookplates, would you ask them to get in touch with me?

And here are other places you can pre-order:

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Indiebound

Buy on Barnes & Noble

Buy on iBooks

Buy on Google Play

Buy on Kobo

That’s it for now, I think. NOW TIME FOR MORE WAITING.

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