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An Impossible Raven Cycle Contest

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A few months ago, I was sitting in the Scholastic offices across from the folks in charge of my books there. It was early days. The artist had only recently finished the cover. The sample chapters had not yet been released to the world. At this stage, the book does not feel particularly real. 

The Scholastic folks said they wanted to put on a blow out Raven Cycle contest at the end of the summer, something to cap off a TRC reread and really celebrate the crazy huge TRC fandom (Tumblr said it was their fourth largest last year). 

“What should we have the contest be?” They asked me.

Feats of magic! I suggested. Whoever can summon the something more first. The reader who can transform into any sort of bird. Who so pulleth this sword from this stone.

Scholastic softly suggested that everyone should be able to contribute, not just wizards. 

“Most of my readers are wizards,” I said with confidence.

“No magic,” they replied. “Maybe do a separate contest for magic over Christmas. New Years. That’s a good time for rituals anyway, right?”

But I tricked them, because the contest I suggested in its place is still kind of magic. It’s this: try to describe what the Raven Cycle is about. Do it in less than 200 words, or, if it’s a video, in under a minute. 

I love impossible things.

I know it’s impossible because I’ve tried. My editor has tried. Countless reviewers have tried. But it never sounds like … itself. I can describe one part of it, the longing for home, maybe. Or the friendship. Or the quest. Or the curse. But I can’t capture them all together in anything less than 1600 pages.

I gave recaps a shot on Recaptains (1,2,3) and while it looks like it does the job, it’s still only part of the story. 

So your challenge is that. Tell the world what these books are about in under 200 words, or under a minute, or in a reasonable amount of images.* You can write it, sing it, poem it, paint it, whatever you like. It can be funny or serious, comprehensive or hilariously/ poignantly focused. I’ll be judging the finalists and sharing the winners. What do I like? I don’t know. You guys know me. You’ve read enough of my words, after all. 

The winners get a whole copy of the series, all four books, plus one of the impossible-to-still-find art boxes I drew. Because Scholastic is the one putting the contest on, only US addresses can win the books, but I’m happy to share any international entries that make the final cut, if love alone is a suitable prize for you. And make sure before you submit your entry that it follows all of Scholastic rules over on their blog, of course.  

You’ve got until September 1st. That’s not long. GO.

*Additionally, anyone who can turn into a bird automatically wins.

Have fun with the impossible. 

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