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All the Crooked Saints Tour

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Unbelievably, it’s just one month away from when All the Crooked Saints comes out and so that means it’s time to announce my tour dates. Seven weeks! Thirty cities! That’s a lot of Sharpies!

Before I do, here’s some things people are saying about it:
“Dense, tricky, and thought-provoking.” – Publishers Weekly
“True history blends with traditional and fanciful folklore as fallen saints find salvation in the lyrical power of family, community, and rock-‘n’-roll.” – Kirkus
“Stiefvater employs lovely prose that is both evocative and philosophical, with wonderful moments of humor” – Horn Book
“With rhetorical finesse that continually surprises and delights, literalized metaphors that aptly reveal distinct yet common human foibles, and teasingly insightful bits of philosophy salted throughout, this is perfect for readers who loved Law’s Savvy (BCCB 9/08) a few years ago and Acioli’s The Head of the Saint (BCCB 2/16) a few months ago, and will be moving into Alice Hoffman and Gabriel Garcia Márquez in the future.” – Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

I’m really pleased to be able to say that Scholastic is making my limited edition bookplates available at all of the tour stops, so if you come to the store and buy a book, you’ll get one of these guys:


But, you say, I’m not anywhere near any of your tour stops and I want that bookplate/ a signed book. Hold that thought — I’m going to run down where to get signed books and art and also what to expect at a tour event after the dates.

Oh, and before I forget to say: I’m decorating my new recording studio and I’d love for you guys to be a part of it. As such, if you’d like to bring me a single key (a door key of any old kind, cool or not), I will later hang them all on one of the walls.

Here’s the tour:


Full details are here.


And now the commonly asked questions:

  1. Is that tour final/ will there be more dates added?

Yeah, though if you’re a librarian who would like me for next year, these are the folks who book me for non-tour dates.

  1. Can I get a signed book and/ or bookplate if I don’t come to a tour event?

Yeah! I’m sorry that it’s only available through these two bookstores, but because it’s just me disseminating the bookplates, I can only work with a couple of places. Fountain Bookstore ships anywhere in the world (though some countries demand quite steep shipping — you’d have to pretend my signature and bookplate were worth $25 or $40), and I’m working on getting bookplates to Seven Stories*, who ships anywhere in the UK. Once these bookplates are gone, they’re gone, though, so to be guaranteed one, please PRE-ORDER (any order before 10/10/17) from either bookstore.

  1. What happens at a tour event?

I did a run down of an average tour event here, focused on folks who were nervous about coming to one, and also a description from my side of the table here. Most of that’s all still true for All the Crooked Saints. Because I have so many books out now, I never know what you guys will have read or not by the time you get to the event, so I don’t talk spoilers and I try to be interesting even to your date or your mother or your best friend, whoever you roped into coming with you. Some of the events are book festivals with lots of authors, in which case I might be chatting with some of them on panels instead.

  1. Do I need to know anything before the tour event?

Yeah! Please double-check that you have the address and time correct before heading off on a six hour drive or whatever you’re planning. A few of the events are ticketed because they’re in small spaces, so make sure to grab a ticket if you’re going to one of those. If it’s a festival, the signing line rules will be up to the organizers instead of me, so check their websites for info.

  1. Will you sign my other Stiefvater books at a tour event/ do I have to buy ATCS?

At most of the stores you’ll have to buy a Stiefvater book to get into the signing line. Once you’re in it, though, I’ll sign as many books from home as I can, depending on the signing line. I have a rule of thumb that you can figure out once you get there — if it’s over 100 people, the limit becomes 3 books from home, if it’s over 150, it becomes two, and if it’s over 200, it’s just one.

  1. Will you write my favorite quote/ your favorite quote in a book/ draw me something?

I’ll happily personalize books but please don’t ask me to write long sentences or draw in them. By the end of 7 weeks of touring, my hand will ACTUALLY FALL OFF and then I’ll have to write all the rest of my books one-handed which will take twice as long.

  1. Can I give you food? Art? A letter? A puppy?

I’ll be both flying and driving on this tour and my luggage will be . . . strategically packed. So please don’t bring me anything sizable. I’m happy to look at fan art, but I won’t be able to bring any with me. I am allergic to all sorts of food, so please don’t bring me edible things as we’ll both feel bad when I don’t eat it. DO feel free to bring me letters, though (I will read them in my down time). And like I said before, please do bring me a single door key if you have a chance, and I’ll hang it on my studio wall. I can’t accept puppies, but I’d like to.

  1. Will you sign anything besides books? Is there an ATCS shirt?

No body parts. Someone asked me to sign their baby once, and that seemed unethical for both the baby and me. Otherwise, sure. I’m always happy to sign any of my art (other ATCS print here) that comes through the line. Sometimes folks ask me to sign one of my tarot cards, and that’s cool too. If it’s something dark and you want to be sure my signature shows up, bring a silver Sharpie in case I have lost mine. The ATCS shirt’s here:

  1. I have a tattoo based on one of your books. Can I show you?

Sure, unless it involves you undressing in a signing line.

  1. Will you be driving one of your cars?

How deeply I wanted to drive this entire tour in my beloved cars. Unfortunately, the schedule demands that I fly for about half of it. But you bet your left leg I’ll be renting myself something with horsepower in between. I know that’s not exciting for you, but at least rest assured that it’s not as exciting for me either.


I think that’s it. See ya there?

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