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All the Crooked Saints is Available Now!

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I took these photos back in August of 2015, during of the first location scouting trips I did for what is now All the Crooked Saints.

Back then, it was called DARKLY, and it was a scarier novel — I was still caught up in the horror-writing of The Raven King, and I wasn’t ready to let go of that yet. The lurking bad guy was blindness, and the book was about approaching darkness.

On a personal level, I’d had a strange couple of years. I’d watched several close friends thoughtlessly repeat destructive life choices that they had already made once before, and watched other friends perform the terrible life choices they had seen modeled for them as children. I began to question if we were all doing that — if we were all locked into ruts made early in our lives, if we were doomed to be puppets without self-awareness.

On an author level, I found myself with a Tumblr inbox overflowing with readers asking me for #dubiouslifeadvice. But even as I answered the questions, I asked myself: what qualifies me to answer? Aren’t I imperfect, too, maybe more than the seeker?

Then the world turned into the world that we see today, and I no longer wanted to write about darkness and the ruts we fall into. I discovered that I wanted to instead write about light and hope and what it takes to solve ourselves. I wanted to take the amorphous change that I hoped to see in the world and in myself and my friends and make it concrete. I want to believe we can know ourselves. And so that’s what I wrote.

This book is set in the past, in a remote corner of Colorado, in a place you have to be looking for. It’s about a family of saints who can make pilgrims’ inner darkness visible, concrete, tangible. But it’s also about a family of saints who have their own inner darkness, because we all do. Learning the shape of our darkness and learning what parts of it we can solve ourselves and what parts of it we need others for is, I think, the way forward. This little fable of a book is about that.

I’ll return again to the present for my next project, but for a year, I needed to visit these saints to think about what I believed about darkness. On the other side of it, I find I am even more firmly a believer in the light.

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